What types of new energy vehicle charging posts are available and what are the differences?


What types of new energy vehicle charging posts are available and what are the differences?

The acceptance of new energy cars is getting higher and higher, new energy cars are more and more, new energy electric cars reduce the consumption of fuel to a certain extent, and the use of electric cars cost less, in the charging pile above the full charge can run about 400 km, just need about 40 yuan. For drivers of cabs or buses, charging becomes an essential thing every day. So, what kinds of charging piles are there?

According to the conditions, car charging posts are divided into pillar charging posts and wall-mounted charging posts. The column type charging post is mostly used for outdoor, which can be installed directly in the open air, or installed inside the carport if the conditions are better, which can also protect your car and charging equipment. Wall-mounted charging piles are mostly installed in underground parking lots, wall-mounted installation does not take up a lot of space, generally are AC charging piles, belong to the slow-charging pile series mostly, a full charge takes 6 to 10 hours ranging.

According to the service object, car charging piles are divided into public charging piles, special charging piles and self-use charging piles. Public charging piles can be seen in public parking lots and are generally DC piles with high charging power and short charging time, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours for a full charge, depending on your car model. Dedicated charging piles are generally installed to the internal occasions of the unit, only for the internal use of the unit, and are generally slow charging piles. Self-use charging piles are generally purchased and installed by individuals, due to personal installation of charging piles procedures are more troublesome, many communities do not have the conditions for installation, are generally installed in the countryside with their own unique yard.

Car charging posts are divided into indoor charging posts and outdoor charging posts according to the installation location. Generally, outdoor charging posts can be installed directly in the open air, and the equipment has a higher waterproof level and a high safety factor. The cost of indoor charging piles is relatively lower.

According to the number of interfaces, car charging piles are divided into single-pile single-gun and single-pile multi-gun, generally the single-pile multi-gun are double-gun, double-gun or more are hardly seen.

The car charging pile is divided into AC charging pile and DC charging pile according to the charging type, AC charging pile also becomes slow charging pile, charging time is longer, but the installation cost is relatively low, access to 220V power can be used, the community is basically installed AC charging pile. DC charging pile installation is more troublesome, first of all, it must have a large load to meet the fast charging transformer, which is not available in many old communities. The construction wiring is a large cable buried deep operation, the site needs to be specifically divided, and also requires professional staff to maintain regularly. But DC pile is a trend, the conditions can go to operate DC pile.