PV inverters
PV inverters
PV inverters
PV inverters
PV inverters

PV inverters

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Model NO.: PV inverters
Questions and Answers
1What is my product?
The product is a photovoltaic inverter.
2What does my product consist of? 
The PV inverter consists of a circuit board, fuses, power switching tubes, inductors, relays, capacitors, displays, fans, heat sinks, structural parts, etc. 3What is the quality guarantee of my product? 

3.1. All products supplied are brand new and meet the design requirements of the purchasing unit.

3.2. The products procured come from regular channels, eliminate"three no"products in the warehouse, never cut corners, provide adequate services to the purchasing unit and supply high quality materials.

3.3 In order to ensure the quality of the project, our dedicated personnel strictly follow the quality management system and quality management system, follow up and check the products, and carry out quantity inspection, system inspection and product quality reward and punishment system to ensure the quality of the project is qualified. 

3.4. After the goods arrive at the designated place, organize the relevant personnel of both parties to conduct arrival inspection and acceptance to ensure that they meet the contract requirements. 

3.5. Have strict management on the storage and stacking of project preparation materials and conveying materials. 

3.6. To provide after-sales technical service for the invested products. 4What can I achieve with my products? 

4.1. Active operation and shutdown function After the sunrise in the morning, the solar radiation intensity gradually strengthens, and the output of the solar cell increases, when the output power required for the task of the inverter is reached, the inverter starts to operate actively, after entering operation, the inverter will watch the output of the solar cell module every moment, as long as the output power of the solar cell module is greater than the output power required for the task of the inverter, the inverter will continue to operate; until the sunset shutdown The inverter can operate even on rainy days. When the output of the solar cell module becomes smaller and the inverter output is close to 0, the inverter will constitute a standby state. 

4.2、Maximum power tracking MPPT function When the sunlight intensity and ambient temperature changes, the PV module input power shows non-linear changes, the PV module is neither a constant voltage source, nor a constant current source, its power changes with the output voltage changes, and the load has no relationship. Its output current is a horizontal line at the beginning as the voltage rises, and when it reaches a certain power, it decreases as the voltage rises, and when it reaches the module open circuit voltage, the current drops to zero. 

4.3, the islanding effect detection and control function In normal power generation, the PV grid-connected power generation system is connected to the grid and delivers effective power to the grid, but when the grid loses power, the PV grid-connected power generation system may still be working continuously and in independent operation with the local load, a phenomenon known as the islanding effect. When the islanding effect occurs in the inverter, it will cause great safety hazards to personal safety, grid operation, and the inverter itself, so the inverter grid standard stipulates that the PV grid-connected inverter must have the detection and control function of islanding effect. 

4.4, grid detection and grid connection function Before grid-connected inverters are connected to the grid for power generation, they need to take power from the grid, detect the voltage, frequency, phase sequence and other parameters of the grid feed, and then adjust the parameters of their own power generation to synchronize with the grid parameters, and only after completion will they be connected to the grid for power generation. 

4.5、Low voltage ride-through function When the power system accident or disturbance causes voltage transient drop in the grid voltage of PV power station, within a certain voltage drop range and time interval, the PV power station can ensure continuous operation without going off-grid 5What is the difference between my product and others? First of all, the PV inverter is the core power generation component of the PV power station, and its status can be considered irreplaceable. This also determines that as long as the solar power market exists, the market for PV inverters will not die out. And nowadays, solar energy as the advantages of outstanding new energy, the future application of a wide range can be imagined. This shows that the development of inverters have a bright future and a broad market. Secondly, photovoltaic inverters are very environmentally friendly and clean. After all, it is the use of solar energy products, the pollution of the environment is naturally very small. However, manufacturers will still strictly comply with the regulations during the production and application of inverters, not to take it lightly, to protect the environment, to guard people's health, so that all people use new energy more at ease. Finally, inverters have been upgraded generation after generation, and their safety and reliability are better. After learning from the experience of European countries, many domestic manufacturers have invoked string inverters, and PV power generation burnout accidents have been reduced a lot, and the number of manufacturers introducing them is almost zero. The safety performance of other kinds of inverters is also quickly improved after the update. In general, PV inverters have the advantages of clean and safe, and a vast market. In order to meet the future human energy needs, olink is exploring deeply in the photovoltaic power generation industry within its reach, with complete sets of production lines for inverters. I believe that after you understand the several advantages of PV inverter, you will have more confidence in the use of new energy for future generations of human beings.
Quality assuranceStrong quality consciousness of staff, workflow in strict accordance with the requirements of the implementation of a dedicated
person to supervise, quality assurance
Factory direct salesIndustry and trade integration, under the supervision of the state, under the supervision of the people, factory direct sales, no
middlemen to earn the price difference
Compact sizeMade by precision machines, customizable products, compact size, easy to carry, can change the size
DurableThe use of expensive materials, making the product durable, long service life
Flame-retardant material The use of flame retardant material, reduce the probability of high temperature damage wire, you worry about the problem is the
problem we want to solve, all customer-centric.

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