• Aug 05,2022

The current vehicle has more and more functions, including driving assistance functions: such as 360-degree panoramic surround view, automatic parking, lane departure warning, lane keeping, ACC (adaptive cruise control), forward collision warning, reverse side warning, blind spot assist, etc.

  • Jul 12,2022

conductor outside the conductor wrapped wire called shielded wire, wrapped conductor called the shield, generally woven copper mesh or copper berth (aluminum), the shield needs to be grounded, foreign interference signals can be imported into the earth by the layer.

  • May 26,2022

The wiring harness is a very important component of modern vehicles such as automobiles, an important carrier for connect various electrical parts of automobile and nervous system for vehicle power distribution and signal transmission.

  • May 19,2022

A denture is what is often referred to as a "prosthetic tooth". Just as "prosthetic legs" and "prosthetic limbs" are called "prosthetic limbs", "prosthetic teeth" means teeth that do "duty" for human beings. The term "dentures" refers to teeth that are "duty" for humans.

  • May 19,2022

BYD Auto officially announced that according to its strategic development needs, since March 2022 to stop the whole production of fuel cars, BYD also became the world's first to stop fuel car brands! March new energy vehicle production was 106,658 units, up 416.96% year-on-year

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